KaleiderTM 5.6  (for Windows)

Kaleider manipulates images (and videos) to emulate various Kaleidoscope, Mirroring, 3D Mirroring and Funneling effects.  Effects can be controlled manually to create particular desired results, or patterns can be automatically, randomly generated to provide a fascinating, ever-changing display of colors and image fragments.  The Shifting/Wandering Effects feature adds dynamic motion to graphics, and Rooms provides 3D depth perspectives to the display of Kaleider patterns.  The Mask/Mandala option merges a static background with changeable, evolving patterns to produce interesting composite images.  Effects can be accompanied by music from the Audio PlayerKaleider display sequences can be captured to Video, and actions can be Scripted to create choreographed performances of dynamic art.

This miniature Kaleider screen can be clicked to view a larger image (see the rendered results below by the Mirroring item) =>

Kaleider Screen - Diamond Mirror Selected
Click for a description of the latest enhancements:  Kaleider 5.6

The features offered by Kaleider are summarized below:

Kaleider can be downloaded to evaluate on a trial basis:

Download Kaleider (64-bit) Trial =>  Kaleider (64-bit)  [10.59 MB]

Or for older 32-bit computers:

Download Kaleider (32-bit) Trial =>  Kaleider (32-bit)  [10.38 MB]

After trying Kaleider, it can be purchased and registered, without having to re-download it:  Register Kaleider

Kaleider Price:  $28.00

The Kaleider Screensaver is free!