Kaleider Surfaces

Orb Surface Kaleidoscope Surfaces Popup Menu Kaleider effects can be mapped onto various non-flat, curved Surfaces.  The button on the Edit Tools panel can be clicked to toggle on/off the currently selected non-flat Surface (or hit the F10 key).  Right-click to access a popup menu of Surfaces to choose from.  Other than the standard Flat Surface, effects will tend to appear distorted when tiled over a Surface, sometimes rather drastically.

Putting effect tiles into motion over non-flat Surfaces, either with manual Shifting or automated Wandering movements, can often produce fascinating results.  Patterns might appear squeezed or stretched or warped or swirled as they meander up, down and around curvatures.  Normal, undistorted Masks and Mandalas can be applied over non-flat Surfaces.  The Quality Control screen can be used to specify a default Quality Level for Surfaces

The Automatic Effects Configuration screen includes a Surfaces tab with options to control how Surfaces might be randomly selected during Automatic Effects.

Worm Holes Surface Mound Surface Grinder Surface Convergence Surface
Pulsate Surface Oval Masked Abyss Surface Typhoon Surface Wings Surface

Of course, Surface changes can be captured in Scripts, and later modified via the Script Control and and Editing screen.  So it's easy to create Scripts that switch between various Surface types.  Surface changes can also be controlled with a MIDI Device.