A Pattern can optionally be confined to a specified portion of the window display so that any rendered effects will appear only within that area.  (The full window is still used to display source images.)  For example, the current Pattern Area might be set to a square, framed by black (or some other color).  Options are available to Save and Copy only the current Pattern Area (rather than the full window).  The Pattern Area screen provides options for defining the dimensions, position and functionality of the current Pattern Area3D Rooms and Masks can be scaled to fit within the Pattern Area.  The Frame portions of the window outside of the Pattern Area will be filled according to the Pattern Framing OptionUse Black, Use Background Color, Use Mask Color or Use Source Image.  New Patterns are initially created with the Default Pattern Area, (including the Pattern that is automatically created when Kaleider is run).  The Default Pattern Area can easily be changed by checking the Set this Pattern Area as the Default box before pressing the Save button.  Essentially the same screen, with slight differences, can be used to define an Area to contain a Pattern Combo.
Kaleider Pattern Area