Kaleider  -  Sequons

Sequon MenuA Sequon is a custom Kaleider effect that has been stored for future use.  It can later be applied to recreate the exact same effect with any source image, optionally scaled appropriately for source images of different sizes.  Sequons can also be included with Random Effects and Automatic Effects.  The Sequons feature makes it possible to develop a repository of your favorite, most often used effects.

Click the button on Kaleid Tools or type ' (hyphen) to initiate the current default Sequon for the active effect type (Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors or Funnels).  The current Sequon can also be rendered at a particular position on the screen by clicking the mouse at that point while pressing the CTRL key.  Once a Sequon has been applied, it can be shifted, rotated, remade, etc. just like any other effect.  Right-click to show a menu of available Sequons and options.  (The Sequons Menu can also be accessed through the Main Menu or the Popup Menu.)  The Random Sequon for Random Effect option randomly chooses an effect type and then renders a random Sequon for that effect type.  Available Sequons are listed for the currently active effect type (Funnels in this example), with the default Sequon marked.  Sub-menus are available to access Sequons for the other effect types.

When the Revert Image before Sequon option is set, the source image will be reverted, (clearing any rendered effects), before a Sequon is applied.  Uncheck that option if you wish to apply a Sequon on the current screen (even if another effect has been rendered).  Sequons can be included during Automatic Effects, based upon a Use Sequons % value set through the Automatic Effects Configuration screen.  That same percentage is used to determine how often Sequons are applied with Random Effects (such as when the ENTER key is hit) if the Include Sequons with Random Effects option is set.

Sequon UtilsIf you have rendered an especially interesting effect that you wish to save as a Sequon, choose the New Sequon From Current <Effect> option.  The Sequons Utility screen will then be shown to allow a Title and various options to be specified for the new Sequon.  The items are pre-set with the parameters needed to recreate the effect, so ordinarily there is no need to change anything.  The same screen is used to perform maintenance functions on existing Sequons when the View/Modify/Remove <Effect> Sequons option is selected.