Kaleider Mirror Transforms

Mirror TransformsAn ordinary 'flat' Kaleider Mirror will simply reflect pixels from across the 'plane of reflection' (the red line) onto the defined Mirror surface.  This can actually create quite complex effects, depending on the configuration of Mirrors, since each reflected point might 'bounce' back and forth among the Mirrors several times before finally finding a portion of the source image from which to collect a pixel.  Mirror Transforms can be specified to alter the way pixels are reflected from Mirrors, resulting in strangely mangled images, often intriguing, sometimes hideously ugly.  The distortions might appear bizarrely animated by manual Tile Shifting or automated Wandering motion.  For each defined Mirror, a blue (or sometimes purple) circle at the center of the red mirroring line can be clicked to specify Mirror Transforms for that Mirror.  If any Mirror Transforms have been selected, the circle will be filled with orange; otherwise, it will be black.

Mirror TransformsMirror Transforms can be selected and adjusted to alter the reflection properties of Mirrors.  Each Mirror can be configured separately, or check the Set all Mirrors to these values box to adjust them all at once.  The following Mirror Transforms are available:

Since some of the distortions can be rather extreme, a separate Quality Level for Mirrors With Transforms can be specified using the Quality Control screen (click the button).  The Mirrors tab of the Automatic Effects Configuration screen provides options to specify whether or not Mirror Transforms will be included during Automatic Effects or when Random Effects are performed.

This screen can also be used to set the Restricted Mirror Option, which determines how a Mirror will be rendered.  When a Mirror is Restricted, it will reflect only within the bounds of the defined Mirror shape.  Otherwise, reflection can occur at any point behind the 'plane of reflection' (the red line).  The ordinarily blue circle at the center of the red line will change to purple to indicate that a Mirror is Restricted.  For most Mirrors, the results will be nearly identical with or without this option.  But in some cases, the difference is quite noticeable.  By default, the Restricted Mirror Option is set off for all but a few of the pre-defined Mirror Patterns.