When a large image is loaded into the main Kaleider window it is usually scaled to fit within the window.  Effects can then be quickly and efficiently applied and manipulated with that reduced image, making the design process as real-time and intuitive as possible.  The Upscale Window can be used whenever desired to re-render the scene based upon the resolution of the original source image, potentially resulting in a much larger version of the same picture.  The position, size and other parameters of the effect are adjusted as needed to match the rescaled dimensions.  The Upscaled image can be scrolled horizontally and vertically to bring different portions into view.
Kaleider Upscale Window
The Sync Update button can be pressed to bring the Upscale Window display up to date with the main Kaleider window.  The Scaled Size is calculated based upon rescaling the current image in the main window at the scale of the original source image, optionally adjusted by a Scaling Percentage.  By default, the Scaling Percentage is set to 100%, which would rescale at the exact resolution of the source image.  Click the Adjust button to recalculate the Size.  The Scaling Percentage can be adjusted from 10% (a tenth of the original image scale) to 200% (double the original image scale).  Click Update to re-render the image at the adjusted Scaling Percentage.  It should be mentioned that the resulting image quality will tend to deteriorate if the Scaling Percentage is raised much above 100%.  To create large, high quality images it is best to use source images that are as large as possible.

The Upscaled image can be saved by pressing the Save As (As) button (set the drop-down box to Image, Tile or Area as appropriate).  Click Sp to access the Save With Special Options screen, which provides additional choices for saving Scaled images.  The Copy button stores the current Image, Tile or Pattern Area (as indicated by the drop-down box) onto the Clipboard so that it can be pasted into other graphics programs.

The Print button will show the standard Print dialog for your printer.  If the Scale To Page option is set, the printed image will be scaled to fit the configured paper size.  Otherwise, the image would be printed according to the printer's DPI (which might appear rather small, since a printer's DPI is typically much higher than a screen's DPI).  Click the Quality button to select a Quality Level for the upscaled image.  The # button will Sharpen the image.