Kaleider Pattern Combo Builds

The structure of a Combo, including all of its defined Areas and options, can be stored as a Combo Build so that a new Combo can later be quickly created with the same structure, potentially filled with different Pattern images and scaled as needed to adjust to different window sizes.  Click the Builds button on Kaleid Tools to show a menu of available Builds and options.  The Random Pattern Combo Build option will randomly select and create a Combo from one of the available Builds.  Available Builds are listed, with the default Build indicated.

Choose the New Build From Current Pattern Combo option to store the currently active Combo as a Build.  The Combo Builds Utility screen will then be shown to allow a Title and various options to be specified for the new Build.  The same screen is used to perform maintenance functions on existing Builds when the View/Modify/Remove Pattern Combo Builds option is selected.

The left portion of the screen shows a list of the existing Combo Builds.  After selecting a particular Build by clicking it in the list, the buttons underneath can be used to perform actions.  Press View/Modify to load information for the Build in the right portion of the screen for possible modification.  A Build can be deleted by clicking Remove.  Use Up or Down to re-position the the Build within the list, (which will also alter the order of the Builds menu.

When storing a new Build, the right portion of the screen will be pre-loaded with default values.  The default Build Title can be changed to something more meaningful.  Pattern Usage can be set to either Adapt To Use Only Existing Patterns or Use Existing Patterns - Add As Needed to determine how Patterns are initially assigned to Areas when a Combo is created from the Build.  The latter choice should probably be used if the Combo is intended to use multiple Patterns.  The Pattern Switch Behavior setting specifies how the Patterns used in Combo Areas might be reassigned when a new Pattern is created or when a different Pattern is selected from the Patterns Menu.  The choices are Set All Areas To Current Pattern, Set Only Prior Pattern to Current Pattern, Set Only Active Areas to Current Pattern or Don't Alter Any Area Patterns.

Combos can be randomly selected and created from Builds during Automatic Effects, based upon a Use Combos % value set through the Automatic Effects Configuration screen.  Some Builds that were created for specialized purposes might not be very appropriate for use with Automatic Effects.  The Include With Automatic Effects option in the Combo Builds Utility screen can be used to specify which Builds should included.

Combo Builds, (along with Sequons), are stored in a Kaleider Library File.  Functions are available to Load a different Kaleider Library, Move the file to a different directory and Merge another file, possibly copying any non-duplicate Sequons and Builds into the current file.  It might be a good idea to occasionally use the Rebuild/Optimize option to reduce the size of the file and make it faster to access.  Rebuild/Optimize will also save a backup copy of the Kaleider Library File.