This Kaleider image is another variation of the same rendered Right Obtuse Triangle Equilateral Triangle Mirror Pattern above.  The Tile has been shifted by clicking and dragging the mouse to a different position relative to the underlying source image.  This movement happens interactively so that you can instantly see the results and decide when the picture suits your taste.  This example also illustrates how Scaling can be used to interactively re-size rendered effect Tiles.  The Adjust Controls pnel has been toggled on (at the bottom-left of the screen), and the Scale slider was used to rescale Tiles to 67% of their original size.  Tile size can be adjusted from 10% to 200%.  An exact Tile size could be specified by entering a Scaled Tile Width value and pressing the Update button.  Just press Reset to restore Tiles to their original scale (100%).  The Virtually Rotate Source Image slider has also been used to 'virtually' turn the source image by 181° (the mouse wheel can also be used).  Thus, the number of possible combinations with the same effect are truly vast!  When this image was saved, a Recreate Script was also automatically saved, so this picture could easily be recreated with the Scripting feature.
Kaleider Screen - Mirrors Rendered