Save / Quick Save Options control how image files are saved when the Quick Save feature is used, and also serve as default values when using Save As.  Images can be stored in either the same directory as the original source image file, or in a specified Save Directory.  The Automatically set Save Directory to Last Directory Saved To option will update the Save Directory to reflect your latest chosen save location.  The File Name of saved images can be prefixed by either the original file name, or by a set value.  The current YearMoDaHrMnSc (year, month, day, hour, minute and second) will be appended to each saved file to insure uniqueness.  Either the original image format or a chosen format can be used, with various parameters available depending on the image format type.

When saving an image, a Kaleider Script can optionally also be saved, making it possible to recreate that image in the future if desired.  An option can be chosen to determine where Remake Scripts will be stored by default.

<b>Kaleider</b> Save / Quick Save Options