Kaleider Multiple Patterns and Pattern Combos

A Kaleider Pattern serves as a work window into which source images (or videos) can be displayed and effects can be rendered.  When the program is started an empty Pattern is automatically created so that work can begin immediately.  The Patterns Menu provides options for creating and switching between Patterns, and the same options are also conveniently available through the Patt X button on Kaleid Tools (X indicates the currently active Pattern).  Each Pattern can have its own source image (or video), its own Surface type and its own rendered effect, and each Pattern maintains its own Undo/Redo history.  A Pattern Area can optionally be defined with each Pattern so that rendered effects will only appear within that portion of the window.  The currently active Pattern can be duplicated into a new Pattern with the same source image and rendered effect.  This essentially makes it possible to preserve a rendered effect at its current state, while you proceed on with further manipulations to the copied Pattern, perhaps shifting Tiles, rendering different effects, choosing other source images, etc.

Pattern Combos are composite images with designated areas filled by Pattern images or solid colors.  Click the Combo button on Kaleid Tools (or type F11) to toggle Combo Mode on/off.  While in Combo Mode, the current Combo image is displayed in the main Kaleider window, and the Pattern portion of Kaleid Tools is changed to provide functions for designing and controlling the Combo.  A Combo Area that is filled with a Pattern image can be set as 'Active' so that it will immediately change as the Pattern itself is manipulated.

Right-click Combo to access a popup menu with options for creating and maintaining Pattern Combos.  Select New Pattern Combo to begin designing a new Combo.  Click Design to show a panel of Combo Design Controls at the top of the main Kaleider window.  A Combo can be stored as a Build so that the same Combo structure can be quickly recreated.  Click Builds to show a menu of the available Builds, along with options for maintaining Builds.

As with any Kaleider generated image, a Combo image can be saved with an option to also save a Remake Script so that the Combo image can be easily recreated.  Combo images can also be Upscaled to potentially create much larger images, (depending on the resolution of the source images used).

The Pattern Combos feature might be useful for applications such as designing rugs, quilts, and other fabrics, and for creating picture frames, stationery borders, etc.  The simple sample images below illustrate some of the capabilities of Pattern Combos, and might prompt ideas for your own creations:

3 Ovals in 3 Hexes Pattern Combo Odd Quads Combo Pattern Circles Pattern Combo Cascading Scenes Pattern Combo
Pattern Combo Valentine Super Mandala Pattern Combo Pattern Combo With Pasted Miniatures 3 Ovals in 3 Hexes Pattern Combo
Pattern Combo Stationery Diamond Amid Pearls Combo Pattern Framed Fish Pattern Combo Hexova Pattern Combo