This Kaleider image is the result of rendering the Right Obtuse Triangle Equilateral Triangle Mirror Pattern shown above.  The Mirrors, reflected within the defined Mirror Box, have been tiled kaleidoscopically across the screen.  The original rendered effect was repositioned with the Shifting Effects capability by clicking and dragging with the mouse to adjust the relative position of the 'tile' and the source image.  You might imagine that the original source image is underneath the rendered display.  The Shift Tile option repositions the effect to a different place on the screen.  Shift Image, on the other hand, leaves the tile stationary and re-renders the effect as if the underlying source image were moved.  An Outline Tile option can be toggled on to better visualize the shifting activity.  It is also possible to 'virtually' rotate the underlying source image from 0° to 359° and/or rotate tiles clockwise in 90° increments.  In this case, the Center option (on Edit Tools) has been activated to automatically maximize the symmetries of displayed effects.  When this image was saved, a Recreate Script was also automatically saved, so this picture could easily be recreated with the Scripting feature.
Kaleider Screen - Mirrors Rendered