Liquib 2.5  -  New Features

Liquib 2.5 was built with a new compiler, which might slightly improve performance.  A Whisk Tool and a Plop Effect have been added.  Numerous other fixes and improvements.  Further details follow:

  • Whisk Tool =>  The Whisk Tool
    Liquib Whisk Tool Liquib Whisk Tool Liquib Whisk Tool
    captures a portion of the source image where the mouse is clicked.  Then, as the mouse is dragged, the trailing edge of that captured area is constantly painted on the screen, following the path of the mouse.  The Whisk Shape can be set to Box, Oval, Diamond, Triangle, Lignt Stencil or Dark Stencil.  If one of the Stencil options has been chosen, the Whisk Shape is determined by the relative lightness or darkness of the captured image.  With the Clustered Shapes option, a group of smaller Whisk shapes is produced, instead of just a single Whisk.

  • Plop Effect =>  The Plop Effect
    Liquib Plops Liquib Plops and Flecks Liquib Plops and Flecks
    was inspired by the art of liquid painting or floating art, in which paint is dropped or sprinkled onto a watery surface.  The paint then spreads and disperses, often combining in complex ways with other colorful blobs of paint.  Each mouse click produces a single paint Plop, while clicking and dragging the mouse creates a trail of smaller Flecks of paint.  Plop/Fleck Method can be Displace, Mix, Mingle or Tangle.  Parameters are available to adjust the degree and magnitude of variations around the paint edges, and to control how far and quickly the paint drops will spread.  The paint can be colored and blended according to a variety of combinations.

    As with all Liquib Effects, Plops and Flecks will constantly move and evolve until they are finalized.  Besides gradually expandng, they might push and compress the surrounding image, slowly rotate or appear to swirl and squirm.

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