Liquib 2.6 and 2.6.1  -  New Features

Liquib 2.6 includes a new feature called Mapping, which transforms the display based upon functions of complex variables.  There's also a new Mosaic Tool, and two methods have been added to the Plop Effect.  Numerous other fixes and improvements.  Further details follow: (Also see Liquib 2.6.1)

Liquib 2.6.1 

Liquib 2.6.1 includes several fixes and improvements, mostly concerning the recently added Mapping feature.  The intense processing needed to Map the constantly evolving screen scenes produced by Liquib might make the action seem a bit sluggish, especially with large, high-resolution monitors.  New Mapping Options are now available via the Mapping Menu to choose the level of Quality to use for Mapping during continuous activity, (such as while Automatic Effects or Sequons are in progress).  Setting the Use Low Quality During Continuous Activity option will allow the action to occur with noticeably faster performance, though with somewhat pixelated results.  The Mapped scene will be automatically re-rendered with Best Quality immediately after the activity has completed, or whenever the action is paused (just hit the Space bar).

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