Kaleider 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2 and 5.0.3  -  New Features

The supporting infrastructure for Kaleider has been entirely reworked to accommodate some of the new features with this version, and to also smooth the way for possible future enhancements.  Much of the focus has been on improving the generic Mirroring feature.  The process of manually creating Mirrors has been made much more intuitive, and several new Rectangle and Diamond Mirror Patterns have been added.  Additional highlights are described below:   (Also see Kaleider 5.0.1, Kaleider 5.0.2 and Kaleider 5.0.3)

Kaleider 5.0.1 

Kaleider 5.0.1 fixed some problems with the new Remake Scripts feature.

Kaleider 5.0.2 

Kaleider 5.0.2 is another fix version, mostly intended to correct glitches with Remake Scripts and the Upscaling process. (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.0.2.)

Kaleider 5.0.3 

Kaleider 5.0.3 is yet another minor update.  When capturing a Video, the current Video Capture Time can be displayed in the small Info Box at the bottom-right of the screen (for a Still Image Files Sequence capture, the count of saved images is also shown).  It's also possible to automatically stop a Video Capture after a specified amount of time.  Parameters have been added to the Video Options screen to control these options.  Several other improvements and fixes. (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.0.3.)

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