Phota 4.1, 4.1.1 and 4.1.2  -  New Features

Photo 4.1 includes many interface improvements, rewritten OpenGL 3D Gallery code, Audio Player enhancements and many other minor fixes and improvements.  See below for further details:  (Also see Phota 4.1.1 and Phota 4.1.2)

Phota 4.1.1 

Phota 4.1.1 includes further improvements to Interface Scaling and the Album Appearance screen to accomodate very large screens.  Also, the Video Player has been enhanced to better handle certain types of videos.  Several other fairly important fixes and improvements.

Phota 4.1.2 

Phota 4.1.2 is mostly intended to fix occasional crashes and other glitches while in 3D Gallery mode.  This version was also built with a newer compiler, which might slightly improve performance.

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