The style of the Phota interface can be adjusted to suit your taste, and can vary from one album to another.  The default Original Appearance choice uses mostly dark colors for dialog and control backgrounds, and often colored text on buttons.  Select the Standard Dialog Appearance option if you prefer a more traditional Windows interface style.  The Custom Appearance choice allows the selection of custom colors for Dialogs and Panels, Button and Label Text and Entry Backgrounds.  The size of text, buttons and other controls can be adjusted by switching the Interface Scale from Normal to Large, Jumbo, Huge, Enormous, Gigantic, Colossal or Super.
Phota Album Appearance - Standard Style Phota Album Appearance - Original Style

Phota Album Appearance - Custom Style

Click the Use Picture Frame arrows to either choose a specific Frame image, or set Vary Frames By Page or Vary Frames By Photo to change Frames with each Album page or photo.  Just select No Frames if you prefer to not show Frames (which might allow displayed photos to be sized slightly larger).  A Picture Frame Width slider is available to adjust the relative thickness of Frames.

Either a solid color or a pattern can be selected for the Album Background that surrounds photo images on album pages and full-screen displays.  A collection of patterns is included with Phota (several were created by Kaleider!), however any supported image file can be used.  The appearance of text displayed for the Album Description and photo Titles can be customized.  Press the Choose Font button to select a font type and size.  The Set Text Color button allows specification of the text color.  A color can also be selected for the background that text is displayed upon by pressing Set Background Color.  When the Set Transparent option is checked, text is displayed directly on the album background (except for the Album Comments box, which will still use the text background color).

Click Use the Default Appearance to quickly switch the appearance parameters to those that have been stored as the Default.  Check the Set Default Appearance to This option to use the current appearance style by default when new albums are created.