Kaleider 5.4, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, 5.4.3, 5.4.4 and 5.4.5  -  New Features

Kaleider 5.4 provides much greater flexibility and efficiency with rendering smooth, un-pixelated effects.  It adds an interesting new Mapping feature, and includes a new Pattern Shifting Mode.  Plus many more miscellaneous improvements.  Further details follow:  (Also see Kaleider 5.4.1, Kaleider 5.4.2, Kaleider 5.4.3, Kaleider 5.4.4 and Kaleider 5.4.5)

Kaleider 5.4.1 

Kaleider 5.4.1 fixed a glitch with playing still image file sequence animations in the main Kaleider window.  Changes were also made to avoid crashes during Automatic Effects in certain obscure situations.  (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.4.1.)

Kaleider 5.4.2 

Kaleider 5.4.2 allows images and files to be opened and saved with quite long file paths.  (A file path is the string of characters that specifies the device, directories, file name and extension of a file -- like D:\Graphics\Toons\ Picture.jpg.)  This had previously been a limitation, and could result in program crashes in certain situations.

Kaleider 5.4.3 

Version 5.4.3 includes several fixes and minor improvements.

Also, a new Spout Out feature has been added.  When Spout Out is toggled on, Kaleider becomes a Spout Sender, continuously sharing screen displays with other programs that can be Spout Receivers, such as Resolume and Mad Mapper.  This capability might be useful to VeeJays and other performance artists.  The Spout Out option can be found under the VJ Menu, along with the existing MIDI options.

Kaleider 5.4.4 

Kaleider 5.4.4 fixed anomalous lines and other glitches that could occur with certain effects.  (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.4.4.)

Kaleider 5.4.5 

Kaleider 5.4.5 fixed crashes that could occur in certain situations when using the Room Options screen.  (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.4.5.)

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