The Photo Search feature provides the ability to scan through photo information for a specified text value, optionally matching upper and lower case.  Besides the currently opened Album, an option is available to search all Albums in the Albums Catalog.  By default, All Items in the photo description are searched, including Title, Photographer, Date, Location, Occasion, Keywords, Comments, Audio File, Video File and Image File.  The search can be narrowed to scan through only certain items by un-checking All Items, and checking the appropriate boxes.  When the Exclude box is checked a reverse search is done, selecting only those entries that do not contain the search value.  Once a Search has been completed, the results are shown for the currently opened Album (always listed first), and for any other Albums if applicable.  Qualifying photos for the selected Album are listed with options similar to those available from the Photo Index.  After an initial search, the selection can be further refined by entering additional search criteria and clicking the Subset button.
Photo Search