This is a typical Phota album page.  The Navigation Bar along the right edge of the screen provides most of the controls needed for the basic operation of PhotaPhoto Info buttons Photo Info beside each photo can be clicked to display and modify photo descriptive information, and also access any IPTC or EXIF data stored with the image file.  Audio Audio and Video Video buttons might also appear next to Photos when applicable.  In this example, the Phota Menu (and Windows Task Bar) have been removed to allow more space for displaying images.  A Pop-up Menu, accessed by right-clicking the mouse, includes all of the same options as the Phota Menu, and provides an alternative means of accessing those functions when the menu has been removed.  The Buttons and Titles can also be removed if desired to maximize the display area.  Just click a photo to display an enlarged image.  Click the button to exhibit album photos along the walls of various 3D Rooms, which can be Explored automatically.
Phota Album Page