PhotaTM 4.2  (for Windows)

Phota Album Page The Phota program was originally developed to replicate photo albums as close as possible on a computer screen.  In truth though, an interactive photo album has the potential to do much more than any physical photo album, and Phota has evolved to become a fairly full-featured image display and management application.  Audio and video sequences can also be incorporated into Phota albums.

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The primary emphasis of Phota is to exhibit a collection of photographs in the most attractive way, and to provide flexible tools for quickly and easily creating such albums.  It is an ideal application for people with digital cameras, who wish to immediately enjoy their uploaded images, without spending much time and effort in creating and formatting albums.

Click for a description of the latest enhancements:  Phota 4.2

The features offered by Phota are summarized below:

The fully functional Phota Trial can be evaluated for free during the trial period.  A small sample album is included to illustrate some of the features of Phota:

Download Phota =>   Phota Trial  [13.14 MB]

After trying Phota, it can be purchased and registered, without having to re-download it:  Register Phota

Phota Price:  $18.00