The Page Designer screen provides intuitive tools for building and formatting album pages.  Two separate pages can be viewed and manipulated at once.  A page photo can be selected either by clicking its image or by checking the box next to its TitleAdd Page, Delete Page, Insert Photo and Remove Photo functions are available for each page.  Photos can be transferred between pages with the Move Photo options, and the pages themselves can be exchanged via the Swap Pages button.  Insert Options, Move Options and Remove Options are available to control the results of Insert Photo, Move Photo and Remove Photo operations.  The way images are sized within a page can be controlled by selecting from the Max within columns, Max within rows or Within layout grid pull-down choices for each page.  Just click the Photo Info Info button to view or modify Photo Information.  Show a full-screen image of a selected photo by pressing the Enlarge Enlarge button.  A photo can be repositioned within a page by dragging it while pressing the left mouse button.  A green outline of the image will follow the mouse movement.  Release the mouse button when the image outline is positioned as desired.  If the mouse cursor is within another photo when the button is released, the two images will trade places.
Phota Page Designer