A picture of colorful cans and jars on store shelves was first mangled a bit with a bunch of Liquib Twist Tool manipulations.  Then the Frost Effect was applied to ice up the surface.  The Frost Basis parameter was set to Light/Dark so that Frost was triggered based on the detection of lightness/darkness differences in the image.  The Frost Basis might also be Dark/Light, Redness Only, Greenness Only, Blueness Only, Light Only or Dark OnlyFrost Intensity and Resolution can be adjusted.  As with other Effects, if allowed to evolve Frost will gradually dissipate, thawing out to slowly reveal the underlying image.  Of course, the process can be paused or stopped at any point.  Another variation is shown below.
Liquib Frosty Image
This is the same picture, and the same Frost Effect parameters were used, except in this case the Use Shading option was turned off.  The result is more like seeing the image under a frozen surface of clear ice.  It's also possible to set shading to a specified color or to continuously shifting colors.
Liquib Frozen Image