A photo of magazine racks in a book store served as the source image for this jumbled illustration of Liquib Shine Tool possibilities.  Six different Shine Style variations were applied, partially overlapping in some areas.  On the upper row, from left to right:  Thermal Levels, Glowing Edges and Metallic (with the Color set to Copper).  And along the bottom, from left to right:  Candyland, Color Gradient (with the Color set to a teal hue) and Dim BrillianceColorize % was set to 100% for all of them except the Color Gradient Shine, for which 66% was used (causing it to be blended with 34% of the source image's colors).  The results can sometimes also be greatly influenced by varying the Smoothness, Depth, Resolution, Contrast and Gradations parameters.
Liquib Shined Magazines