A photo of masks on store shelves was used as a source image to illustrate the Liquib Beam Effect.  A multitude of Beams and Rays of various Styles have been applied haphazardly, including Dusty Sunlight, Jagged Rainbows, Blazing Sunset, Alien Signals, Ghost Whispers, Hypnotic Shadows and Dark Light.  Examples of the different Beam/Ray Pulsation types are shown -- Longitudinal Waves, Longitudinal Corpuscles, Lateral Waves and Lateral Corpuscles.  In some cases, the Attenuated Pulses option was used so that portions of the Beam/Ray shafts are translucent or transparent, depending on wave magnitudes.  Small areas were filled in with clusters of tiny Rays that shimmered like curtains of light.  Of course, these stationary, captured samples can't fully convey the sense of pulsation and shifting colors of active Beams and Rays.
Liquib Beamed Masks