The Liquib Mutate Tool has been applied to a Kaleider manipulated photo of colored pencils.  The Equivert Mutation was used to transform the image with an 'equirectangular' mapping.  While applying the Mutation, the picture was rotated by mouse movements.  (The Mouse Actions choice was set to Rotate / Zoom in the Mutate Options screen so that left-right / up-down mouse movements would respectively Rotate or Zoom the Mutation.)  The Equivert Mutation works especially well with 'panoramic' photos, or, as with this Kaleider generated picture, a 'tileable' image.  Otherwise, when using typical non-panoramic source images, the Mutate Tool can mirror the scene horizontally to produce a seamless, symmetrical result.  In this case the Single Non-Mirrored Image option was set the avoid such mirroring.
Liquib Equivert Mutation