This Liquib Erupt Tool sample image illustrates usage of the Cloned From Image Erupt Style, which fills Fragments with a portion of the currently displayed image captured at the point where the mouse was initially clicked.  First, the Spew Erupt Action was applied four times to produce the large radial objects along the upper and right portions of the image.  All of those used the Stencil Fragment Shape, which creates Fragments based upon the relative lightness/darkness of the displayed image where the mouse was initially clicked.  (A Stencil Fragment Shape displays only lighter areas while the darker areas are transparent; the opposite is true with a Reverse Stencil Fragment Shape.)  Then four Burrow Erupt Actions were dragged around the lower left part of the image set with Round, Spikey and Brick Fragment Shapes.  A final Burrow Stencil was drawn along the right edge.
Various Liquib Erupts