The Upscale Window can be used when working with a large source image (larger than the screen size).  It provides the ability to reproduce effects that were performed on a down-scaled source image in the main Kaleider window, but at the resolution and quality of the original source image.  Thus, in the main Kaleider screen you can conveniently and efficiently render effects, manipulate and shift tiles on an image scaled down to fit within the screen.  Then, when a pleasing picture develops, use the Upscale Window to re-render and display the effect at the scale of the original source image.  The position, size and other parameters of the effect are adjusted up to match the source image dimensions.  The Upscale Window display can be scrolled horizontally and vertically to bring different portions of the image into view.  The Sync Update button can be pressed to bring the Upscale Window display up to date with the main Kaleider screen.  Use the As button to save the full-scale Image, Tile or Pattern Area.  The Sp button accesses the Save With Special Options screen, which provides additional choices for saving images at full-scale.  The Copy button stores the full-scale Image, Tile or Pattern Area onto the clipboard so that it can be easily pasted into other graphics programs.  Press the Quality button to re-render the upscaled image using Improved Quality.  The # button will Sharpen the image.
Kaleider Upscale Window