This Kaleider screen image shows a Cone Funnel that has been positioned within a photo.  A single Base Cone is used to define the characteristics of this variety of Funnel.  The area between the orange and yellow lines at the end of the Cone is the portion of the image that will be mirrored recursively inward.  The orange box can be moved to adjust the amount and direction of curvature from outward, to flat, to inward.  The yellow box within the Cone can be adjusted to set the size of the mirrored area.  Red boxes are available to control the width of the Base Cone, which also determines how many total Cones will fit around the center (12 in this example).  The green box that extends from the Cone point can be rotated to any direction, and there is also a group of green boxes that will quickly orient the Cone to the most symmetrical alignments.  As usual, the effect can be repositioned by clicking and dragging within the yellow effect outline, and the yellow boxes at the outline corners can be clicked and dragged to resize the effect.  If the Replicate Base Cone option is set, the Base Cone will be mirrored radially around the center to create the other Cones.  Otherwise, each Cone will be produced from its own portion of the source image (which looks quite different).  Just press Render (or the Space bar) to render the Funnel.  The Shifting Effects feature can then be used to reposition the result as desired with the mouse, essentially re-rendering the same effect based upon different relative positions within the source image.
Kaleider Screen - Cone Funnel Creation