Kaleider 5.2, 5.2.1 and 5.2.2  -  New Features

The primary purpose of Version 5.2 is to make Kaleider more usable Appearance Options with extremely high resolution displays.  This became necessary (and rather urgent) after several customers had recently purchased new computers with very large, high-density monitors.  They complained that Kaleider text and other elements appeared so tiny that it was almost impossible to work with.  The Appearance Options screen (under the View Menu) has now been expanded to add 3 larger Interface Scales beyond the previous maximum of Jumbo.  When Kaleider is initially installed on a computer, it should automatically set a reasonable Interface Scale based upon the resolution of the display screen.  Appearance Options can then be used to adjust according to individual preferences.

No major new features were added with this version, but it does include several other fairly important improvements and fixes.

Kaleider 5.2.1 

Kaleider 5.2.1 includes significant fixes and improvements.  This version corrects some glitches that could occur with large, unscaled source images, especially if their position on the screen had been moved.  Kaleider should now render effects properly in such situations, and also accurately reproduce effects using Remake Scripts and Upscaling.  Two even larger Interface Scales have been added to the Appearance Options screen.  Also, the Automatic Effects Configuration screen has been entirely redesigned.  With the shorter screen, it might be possible to use a larger Interface Scale without truncating some items.  Several other less noticeable improvements.  (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.2.1.)

Kaleider 5.2.2 

Kaleider 5.2.2 provides several mostly minor fixes and improvements, including correction of Video Capture positioning.  This version was also built with a newer compiler, which might slightly improve performance.  (The Kaleider Screensaver has also been updated to Version 5.2.2.)

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